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What Is The Real Value Of $100 In Metropolitan Areas?

Two weeks ago, we published a map showing how far $100 in purchasing power would go in different states.

This week’s map further explores purchasing power differences at the metropolitan level. Using data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, we can examine how purchasing power varies between cities, like Los Angeles and San Francisco, and between urban and rural areas, like Houston and West Texas.… Read more

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An Inside Look At Trump’s Infrastructure Plans

President Trump signed an infrastructure permitting executive order on Tuesday, the intended highlight of that day’s news conference. The executive order is part of the White House’s “Infrastructure Week,” and has the goal of expediting permitting for infrastructure projects by requiring each project to have a lead federal agency in charge of navigating it through the bureaucracy, and directing federal agencies to determine ways to reduce average permitting time from seven years to two years.… Read more

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