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Legislative Limbo

I write this as the sun is rising on Capitol Hill. It’s a brisk Friday morning, the first day of December. Senators should already have flown home for their five-day weekends. But Elizabeth MacDonough and Tom Barthold have made that impossible. Elizabeth is the Senate Parliamentarian, the unelected but respected referee who rules on what is in and out of bounds of Senate rules.… Read more

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Hey, Chairman Brady, What’s The Score?

Tax Analysts reports that Ways and Means Committee Chair Kevin Brady will release a description and statutory text of his long-awaited tax plan on November 1. Markup will begin on November 6. No matter how smart you are, five days doesn’t provide a lot of time to evaluate an extremely complex piece of legislation.… Read more

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Trump Would Defy History With Out-of-Proportion Business Tax Cuts

In the lead-up to the Kennedy tax cuts in the early 1960s, business groups and conservatives emphasized cutting corporate taxes and rates on upper-bracket individuals. “But,” as the revered economist Herbert Stein wrote about that episode, “everyone knew there was not the slightest chance of achieving such tax reductions unless they were balanced with reductions for the lower-income taxpayers” (The Fiscal Revolution in America, Revised Edition, AEI Press 1990).… Read more

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