June 16, 2017

12th Annual Junior Tax Scholars Workshop Kicks Off Today At Toronto

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Friday, June 16, 2017

12th Annual Junior Tax Scholars Workshop Kicks Off Today At Toronto

Panel #1:  The Family Unit

Tessa Davis (South Carolina), Freezing the Future: Fertility, Choice, and Taxing State of the Art Reproductive Technologies
Commentators: Pippa Browde (Montana), Erin Scharff (Arizona State)

Khrista Johnson (Pepperdine), The Offshore Whistle During Divorce: An Examination of the Whistleblower Program and Innocent Spouse Relief
Commentators:  Genevieve Tokić (Northern Illinois), Gabriel Schobe (BYU)

Christine Allie (Widener), Negating the Cost of “I Do”: Ending the U.S. Tax Code’s Family Penalty Through Permissive Joint Filing
Commentators:  Sloan Speck (Colorado), Kathleen Delaney-Thomas (North Carolina)

Panel #2:  Tax Expenditures and Well-Being

Pippa Browde (Montana), Tribal Welfare, Self-Determination, and Prohibitions on Lavishness
Commentators:  Christine Allie (Widener), Lilian Faulhaber (Georgetown)

Sloan Speck (Colorado), Consumption Smoothing and the Home Mortgage Interest Deduction
Commentators:  Kathleen Delaney-Thomas (North Carolina), Manoj Viswanathan (UC-Hastings)

Ari Glogower (Ohio State), Tax Expenditures and Economic Well-Being
Commentators:  Goldburn Maynard (Louisville), Daniel Hemel (Chicago)

Panel #3:  Sovereignty and Autonomy

Allen Madison (South Dakota), Sovereign Restraint in the Federal Tax System
Commentators: Pippa Browde (Montana), Tessa Davis (South Carolina)

Erin Scharff (Arizona State), Revisiting Local Income Taxes
Commentators: Andrew Hayashi (Virginia), Manoj Viswanathan (UC-Hastings)

Lily Faulhaber (Georgetown), The Trouble with Tax Competition: From Practice to Theory
Commentators: Khrista Johnson (Pepeprdine), Christine Allie (Widener)

Genevieve Tokic (Northern Illinois), Disrupting the Tax Treaty Network: An Argument for Tax Treaty Customization
Commentators:  Zach Liscow (Yale), Sloan Speck (Colorado)

Panel #4:  Behaviour and Administration

Andrew Hayashi (Virginia), Countercyclical Tax Bases
Commentators:  Orly Mazur (SMU), Daniel Hemel (Chicago)

Emily Satterthwaite (Toronto), Post-Audit “Crowding Out” of Honest Compliance and the Effect of Rewards: An Experimental Assessment
Commentators:  Zach Liscow (Yale), Rebecca Morrow (Wake Forest)

Kathleen DeLaney Thomas (North Carolina), Consumer Behaviour and the Income Tax
Commentators:  Ari Glogower (Ohio State), Khrista Johnson (Pepperdine)

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